How long is a building permit good for?
Permits are good for 180 days from the date they are approved. A permit is extended for an additional 180 days once an inspection is made by the City Building Department and it is shown that significant progress has been made toward the completion of the project.

If a permit is not paid for within 180 days of its approval the project is cancelled and the homeowner is responsible for paying the plan review fees. Once the project is canceled the City destroys any plans that have been submitted.

If a homeowner or contractor pays for a permit and does not call for an inspection within 180 days or more than 180 days elapses between inspections then the permit expires. A permit can be renewed one time if it has been less than one year since it expired by paying the City one half of the original permit fees. If the permit has been expired for more than a year and all rough inspections have been performed then a new permit to final may be issued. If the permit was expired without rough inspections contact the Building Official to discuss your project.

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