Do I need a permit to repair or re-roof my home?
You are allowed to repair up to ten percent of your roof area without a permit. A permit is required from the City to re-roof any structure or for repairs that exceed ten percent of the roof area.

Many of the homes in Monte Sereno are located in hillside areas or adjacent to heavily wooded areas. The fire protection regulations the City and the Santa Clara County Fire District require roof assemblies to meet a class "A" assembly fire resistance rating in these hillside areas. All other areas of the City are required to meet a minimum class “B” assembly.

If you are considering roof repairs or replacement check that the contractor has obtained a permit from the City before they begin any work. It also helps to ask for a few addresses where they have applied the same type of roof that you are considering for your home. Always make sure that the City has completed a final inspection of the roof and signed the permit before you make the final payment to the contractor.

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