What are the requirements for approving a Site Development Permit (Design review)?
Site Development Permit Required Findings (10.08.050)

No Site Development Permit shall be issued unless the Committee makes the following findings:

1. Whether the proposed improvement and/or use is compatible with the character of the surrounding neighborhood in which it would be located.

2. Whether the orientation and location of the buildings take into consideration the visual impact which could result from the proposed improvement and/or use.

3. Whether the proposed improvements, including architecture, are consistent with the City’s design guidelines.

4. If applicable, whether the proposed improvement and/or use will provide for minimum grading and retention of the natural contours of the land then existing in order to protect the natural slope of the lot.

5. If applicable, whether the proposed improvement and/or use provides for:

a. a. Retention of significant trees as defined elsewhere in the Code, unless the findings required by Section 10.15.080 of the Code can be made;

b. Preservation of solar access.

6. If applicable, whether the landscaping for the proposed improvement and or/use emphasizes the use of native materials in the area.

In connection with its review of each of the foregoing matters, the Committee may include in any Site Development Permit such conditions as it may determine to be necessary in order to ameliorate or mitigate identified impacts of the project. Such conditions, without limiting the discretion of the Committee, may include a time limitation, site planning limitations, architectural conditions, setback restrictions, occupancy regulations, landscape regulations or drainage and sewage regulations.

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