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The City of Monte Sereno has launched a new online and mobile application for a request management system, called Fix It Monte Sereno, to provide residents with an effortless way to participate in community-based reporting via their smartphones, other mobile devices or from their desktop computers. A resident may snap a picture of a problem and send it to the City via Fix It Monte Sereno. These issues will automatically be entered into the database system and channeled to the appropriate department to be resolved. Fix It Monte Sereno also allows residents to track their submissions and engage other members of the community. The City will provide updates as submissions are acknowledged and resolved.

Please note that this app should be used for non-emergency issues only. Call 911 for all emergencies. 

As this system is not monitored 24/7, issues related to public safety or those requiring immediate attention (wires or tree limbs down, etc.) should be reported directly to the Los Gatos-Monte Sereno Police Non-Emergency Line at (408) 354-8600. 

To download the free app, please go to the Apple App Store, the Android (Google play) App Store or scan the QR Code below:

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SeeClickApp Download QR Code

Instructions on reporting an issue:

  1. Select a service request Category from the menu choices below that best match your issue.
  2. Type in the address/location of the service request or drag the map marker to the location of your issue.
  3. Click Confirm Location.
  4. Attach an Image if possible and click Next Step.
  5. Add a detailed description and Confirm Details.
  6. Choose Submit as yourself, Hide your Identity or Submit as a guest if applicable.
  7. Submit your request. 

For help with the Fix It Monte Sereno app, please email:

  1. What is Fix It Monte Sereno?
  • It is a tool for letting the City know what you think should be fixed.
  • You can take and upload pictures of the problem you see.
  • Requests are located using a point on a map.
  • The City can respond to you or ask additional questions.
2.What can I expect from using this system?

Fix It Monte Sereno is an easy way for residents to report concerns directly to the city and have department staff follow up to resolve the issues. Please use a detailed address, description, and photo (if possible) to give as much information to city staff, so they can investigate and determine the best way to address your concerns. You are encouraged to enter your email address on reports in order to get automated updates on the status of your issue as city staff work to resolve it. This system is best suited to respond to service requests like potholes, street lights, etc. that can be assigned to staff and addressed in a timely manner. Issues requiring immediate attention or those dealing with public safety should be reported directly to the Los Gatos-Monte Sereno Police Non-Emergency Line at (408) 354-8600, as this system is not monitored 24/7.

3.What problems or issues does Fix It Monte Sereno solve and how does it benefit residents?

Fix It Monte Sereno is an additional resource for community members to report infrastructure issues. Using the app is an efficient way to raise awareness within the City without having to make a phone call. The app streamlines the process of submitting a photo, description of the issue and location; also, Fix It Monte Sereno allows you to track the status of reported issues.

4.How does Fix It Monte Sereno differ from other options available to report issues?
  • Requests are placed on a map.
  • Public requests will remain on the map for anyone to review and share.
  • There is a mobile app.
  • Photos can be taken directly from mobile devices and uploaded.
5.What should I NOT use this system for?

Issues threatening public safety or things needing immediate attention (like downed wires, tree limbs, or needles), should be reported directly to the Los Gatos-Monte Sereno Non-Emergency Line at (408) 354-8600. Things that require long-term planning, a larger discussion, a community process, or involve multiple departments or non-City entities should be directed to the appropriate department by phone call or email, as these issues are not easily "fixable" in the same way a pothole, streetlight, etc. are.

6.What types of things should I report using this system?

This system is best suited to respond to service requests, like potholes, street lights, etc. that can be assigned to staff and addressed in a timely manner. Start a report with the address of the issue and you will then see a drop-down menu with all of the possible categories of issues you can report using this system.  Issues threatening public safety or requiring immediate attention should always be reported directly to the Los Gatos Monte Sereno Non-Emergency Line at (408) 354-8600.

7.Will I receive updates on my request?

You will automatically receive updates on your request if you create a free Fix It Monte Sereno account.

8.What if I submitted a request but haven't received a response?

The city receives many requests per day and departments do their best to response in a timely manner.  If you submitted a request and it hasn't been resolved, please be patient, as staff is processing requests in the order that they come in.

9.Is there a cost to users?

There is no cost to the user to use Fix It Monte Sereno. The app is free for download and the browser version is also free.