Hacienda Property Proposed Housing Development

The City of Monte Sereno and Russ Stanley, owner of the subject site, have entered into a Settlement and Processing Agreement to potentially resolve a dispute related to the City’s compliance with State Housing Element law.  As a part of this Agreement, the City is processing a number of applications related to a proposed development of the Hacienda Inn/Jack Rose site located at 18840 Saratoga-Los Gatos Road.  Below is a description of the proposed project, as well as a description of the various applications that need to be processed prior to the project being taken to the City Council for their consideration and a decision. During the review process, plans and studies will be updated so please check back frequently.

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Actions To-Date and Next Steps

  • City Council introduced an ordinance creating a Planned Development Zoning District and a Planned Development Permit Process – March 20, 2018
  • Community Meeting to preview the project –  April 23, 2018
  • City Council review and decision regarding the project applications – June 12, 2018 City Council Staff Report & Attachments
  • The City Council approved all applications associated with the project at the June 12, 2018 City Council Meeting with a second reading at the June 19, 2018 City Council Meeting.
  • LAFCO issued a Certificate of Completion on December 11, 2018.  As of that date the subject property is now within the incorporated limits of the City of Monte Sereno
For more information contact the City Planner, Jeannie Hamilton, AICP at:
(408) 354-7635 or jeannie@cityofmontesereno.org
Size, Uses Details of Size and Uses
Site Size:
4.45 Gross Acres
Current Uses:
Bramble & Bier Restaurant
Jack Rose Bar
Hacienda Inn / 20 rooms
Flower Vendor
Proposed Use:
36 Single-Family Homes including:
21 Single-Family Detached Homes
6 Single-Family Attached Homes (duets)
9 Single-Family Attached Townhomes (3+ units per building)
Preserved Open Hillside Area

Environmental Review Documents

In compliance with the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), the City of Monte Sereno has undertaken environmental review for the proposed Montalvo Oaks Subdivision "Hacienda", and intends to adopt a Mitigated Negative Declaration. The City of Monte Sereno invites all interested persons and agencies to comment on the proposed project.

Application on File with the City...

General Plan Amendment

The City’s General Plan Land Use Designation on the subject site needs to be amended to allow a greater density to accommodate the 36 units.  The designation needs to allow up to 9 dwelling units per acre (du/ac).  It currently allows 3 du/ac.


The site is currently within the County of Santa Clara’s jurisdiction.  In order for the site to be redeveloped, it must come into the City through annexation. No other properties will be annexed as part of this application.

Planned Development Prezoning

The site needs to be zoned prior to annexation.  The City’s current zoning designation (RM) does not support the varied development standards needed to allow a development of this type and density. The applicant is requesting a Planned Development Zoning to support the General Plan density and provide for the setbacks and height requirements specific to the proposed development.

Planned Development Permit and Grading Use Permit

The applicant is requesting to approve a specific site layout and must ensure that the final site design, including grading, complies with the zoning in place, as well as any environmental mitigation required as part of the environmental review adopted for the project.

Tentative Subdivision Map

The subject proposal includes each home on its own lot, as well as private streets and the private open hillside at the south end of the property.  The applicant is requesting a Tentative Subdivision Map to ensure the subject site is subdivided and all improvements are designed to the necessary standards including fire access and utility access.  All utilities and streets will be privately maintained by the homeowners.

Tree Removal Permit

The applicant is requesting the approval of the removal of trees to facilitate the proposed development.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the City processing an application for a new housing development at the Hacienda property site?
The City Council approved a Processing and Settlement Agreement between the City and the owner of the Hacienda property at its meeting February 6, 2018.  The agreement sets forth the terms for processing applications for a 36-unit housing development. The agreement merely spells out the process but does not guarantee that the project will be approved.  The City Council will consider the project at a public hearing tentatively scheduled to be held in June.

Are commercial uses a part of the project proposal?
The Planned Development Zoning that would cover the site will NOT allow any commercial uses.  The only uses permitted must be ones that are consistent with the City‘s General Plan designation which will be Multi-family Housing. No commercial uses are allowed in the Multi-family Zoning District or any other zoning district in the City.

Will other properties be annexed into the City as part of the project proposal?
The Hacienda property will be annexed as a property owner initiated annexation, meaning the property owner must consent to annexation.  No other properties will be annexed when the Hacienda property is annexed.

Why did the City create a Planned Development Zoning District?
A Planned Development Zoning District is a tool typically used to support more imaginative and innovative design for development on properties that may have site constraints such as hillsides, creeks, trees, etc.  It allows for flexibility in development standards that conventional zoning districts (such as R-1 and R-M districts) do not.